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QuietAir is a range of elegant, discreet axial fans for Toilet, Bathroom, Utility Room and Kitchen. They are extremely quiet, and use a high efficiency impeller for extraction through up to 12m of rigid ducting with up to 10 x 90 bends.


  • 230V mains
  • 2 Speed
  • Available with basic on / off and Adjustable Timer controls (2-30mins)
  • Low SFP and power consumption
  • Integral flow straightener makes QuietAir ideal for longer duct runs
  • Quietest fans that meet installed performance requirements when ducted on both speeds
  • Red Dot Design Award winning design - Awarded Quiet Mark
  • QT150 range flow rate: 61/72L/sec / 220/259M3/hr
  • Duct size: QT150 150mm
  • Sounds levels dB(A) @ 3m: QT150 - 35/39
  • 210x210x190mm

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