CW32 32mm Outdoor SWA Gland Pack - Pack of 2



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3 Part SWA cable glands, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
Designed to safely and securely terminate armoured cables, as well as providing an IP66 Waterproof seal against moisture and dust ingress.
Supplied in kit form, complete with 2x glands, 2x PVC Shrouds, 2x locknuts and 2x earth tags
Diameter: 32mm
For use with the following SWA PVC Cables: 25mm2 2 Core, 25mm2 3 Core, 35mm2 2 Core, 35mm2 3 Core, 35mm2 4 Core, 50mm2 3 Core, 50mm2 4 Core, 70mm2 2 Core, 70mm2 3 Core, 95mm2 2 Core

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