8 Way Digital TV Freeview Aerial Signal Amplifier / Booster Box



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Aerial signal boosters are designed to improve both picture and sound quality by amplifying the incoming Analogue, Digital and FM radio signals and distributing the signal around the home. Modern, compact design requires only minimal space compared to other boosters currently available. Can increase the number of digital TV and Freeview channels received, especially in areas with weak signal coverage. Supplied complete with TV signal boost and Mains AC adaptor. Filters out interference caused from 5G transmissions and prevents drop out of Freeview TV signals on any frequency above 790Mhz


  • Voltage: 230v, Mains
  • Number of Inputs: 1
  • Number of Outputs: 8
  • Connection Type: Male Coaxial Plug
  • Frequency Range: 470 860 Mhz
  • Maximum Gain Output: 98dBuv
  • Gain Per Split: 8.6 dB
  • Noise: less than 3Db
  • Power Consumption: 2w
  • Colour: Silver

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