Timeguard NTT03 7 Day Programable Digital Compact Time Switch



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4 On/4 Off easy-set programme periods per day, 28 ON/28 Off programmes per week.
Shortest switching time 1 minute. Extra large Easy View screen with blue LED backlighting. Red LED Mains ON and green LED Output indicators for easy viewing.
Large easy push programme buttons. Self-cancelling override button to next programme change.
  • 16(4)A load rating
  • Optional 1 and 2 hour boost button
  • Automatic Summer/Winter changeover
  • 720 hours rechargeable memory back-up
  • Fits a standard flush or surface mount box min. 32mm deep
  • Timer Mode: 24 Hour/7 Day
  • Setting Type: Digital
  • Operating Voltage: Mains 230V AC
  • Switch Rating 230V AC: 16A Resistive (3.68kW), Inductive 4A
  • Operating Temperature:-10 to 50ºC
  • Battery:720 Hour Rechargeable
  • Cable Connection: 1.5 2.5mm2 Flexible Cable
  • Conforms to Directives: 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC

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