PureAir Sense Extractor Fan



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• Automatic odour sensor 

7 year warranty 

LED touch panel 

App connected 

Silent running, as low as 19dB(A) 

Low power consumption at 2-5W 

Interchangeable spigots for 100 or125mm installations 

Easy clean with removable impeller 

Optional magnetic front cover 

IP44 Rated 


Odour Sensor 

The Vent-Axia PureAir Sense is the UK’s first bathroom fan with Odour Sense Technology. This technology works by detecting unwanted odours in the air and triggers a purge function to clear the air. This results in a fresh bathroom without the need to add any harmful air sprays into the atmosphere. 

Silent Operation 

Running from just 19dB(A), the PureAir Sense is whisper quiet. Its silent continuous operation enables the fan to keep the air quality in the room high, without disturbing the occupants. 

Humidity Control 

The Vent-Axia PureAir Sense features an intelligent, fully automatic humidity sensor for moisture control. The fan will boost when it senses an increase in the room’s humidity, ensuring the humid air is extracted and the room remains free of condensation. The fan continually monitors the environment and records the moisture content to allow it to map the humidity profile throughout the year. This process enables the fan to ensure that it runs only when the fan can lower the moisture content in the air. This reduces nuisance running and stops the fan from boosting unnecessarily, keeping running costs down. 

Touch Panel 

The front of the fan includes an intuitive, easy to use LED touch panel. Users can see which fan function is active by viewing the multicoloured LED indicator, as well as customising the fan’s functions and boost speeds using the touch menu. For full description on the touch panel, please refer to the Instruction Manual provided with the fan. 

Vent-Axia Connect App 

All fan settings can be customised by downloading the Vent-Axia Connect App to Android and IOS devices. 

Magnetic Front Cover 

For the first time in any Vent-Axia product, a magnetic front cover is included with this fan. The cover is as simple as it sounds to put on with the use of four small magnets, and is designed to allow the fan to compliment any bathroom. 

Adjustable Timer 

The adjustable overrun timer operates automatically when installed, but can be customised using the Vent-Axia Connect App. The control panel can be used to easily set the required post-running time at 15 or 30 minutes, depending on your choice. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

For a fan to ventilate effectively, it is vital that it is kept clean so that the ductwork and grilles are free from dust which can reduce the air flow. The removeable impellor helps to simplify cleaning. 

Automatic Airing Function 

The airing function activates when the fan has been inactive for 26 hours. It runs an airing programme for 60 minutes to exchange the air in the bathroom. No more worries about stuffy, musty odours in the bathroom when returning home from time away. 

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