100 Multi-Action Battery Operated LED MICROBRIGHTS with Timer – Warm White



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Light up your home and garden with the Multi-Action Battery Operated LED MICROBRIGHTS® with Timer. They are battery-operated and require 3 x AA batteries which are not included.

The compact yet bold style of these Christmas lights sees the spacing smaller than normal with just 5cm between each bulb. This means you get double the amount of bulbs compared to traditional string lights which helps to achieve a more professionally decorated look.

A wonderful way to welcome guests to your home of cold winter evenings and once they’re plugged in, you don’t have to fiddle with anything else. The MICROBRIGHTS® come with a built in timer function which means you can activate the lights and they’ll turn on automatically at the same time every day and turn off after 8 hours.

There are eight different settings including steady, twinkle flash, slow fade, chasing flash, slow glow, sequential, waves and combination. Finished with safe, extra low voltage and flexible silver pin wire which can be bent and shaped to intertwine with foliage, wreaths or wrapped around staircases for the ultimate festive glow.

Product details

  • Lit length: 5m
  • LEDs are super bright, durable and long lasting
  • Easy to use built in timer function – 8 hours on /16 hours off
  • 5cm bulb spacing
  • Eco friendly safe extra low voltage – LEDs save 90% on energy costs
  • Multi-function with 8 settings including steady
  • Total cable length: 5.3m

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