Timeguard RTS113 Time Switch 24hr 7Day



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The Timeguard RTS113 is a 3 Pin, 20A, electro-mechanical, round pattern time controller which is compatible with the base used for the single channel ON/OFF mains, linked industry, standard, round pattern time switch. This time controller has a half day(s) and day(s) omit facility, which is unlimited over a 7-day period, a permanent ON facility (with a prominent visual indicator) – which is accessible without removing the transparent cover - and a lockable transparent cover. This product has a minimum ON time of 30 minutes, which can be incremented in 15-minute steps. The RTS113 has a 24-hour timer mode, an operating voltage of 230V and a mains linked voltage free contacts type.

Ingress Protection IP20
Length Min Max 131 mm
Width 100 mm
Depth 76 mm
Current Rating 20 A

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