Brackenheath Colour-Changing LED Night Light



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Add a soft glow to the bedroom of your children and loved ones. The Brackenheath LED nightlight combines the long-established principles of the comforting power of light, with the
most modern of LED and sensor technologies.

The night light will automatically turn itself on at dusk, and off again at dawn. And, because it uses LED technology, you will never have to worry about the cost of electricity.
What's more, you can select a colour as part of your bedtime routime - talking to your child about whether they prefer a green, blue or white glow to lull themselves to sleep. LED light
does not get hot like traditional bulbs - so no fretting about inquisitive hands.

There are many night-lights on the market, but this one is rather special. Designed by LED maestros, Brackenheath, here in the UK. Every one of their LED products feels high-quality and 
would make a wonderful, practical gift for a new parent (or a Christmas stocking filler). We use them in our homes - despite the youngest Ryness child being 14. They just feel lovely at night and
illuminate those dark trips to the loo for teens and visitors alike.

As for the price, you simply Can't Buy Cheaper on the Web (if you do, let us know, and we'll send you a free gift to say "thank you"). Each Brackenheath LED colour-changing night-light will be despatched swiftly by Royal Mail and popped through your letterbox ready to enjoy that evening.

Key Points

  • 9 x 0.06W LED Night Light
  • Built in automatic dawn to dusk sensor
  • Integral socket offers the ability to still use the socket when the night light is plugged in
  • Adjustable colours – green, white & blue
  • 13A Socket
  • 230V, 50 HZ
  • Dimensions: 82 x 82 x 72.5mm
  • Model: X2010

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