Bell Vintage Teardrop 4W Dimmable Filament LED - BC



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Bell Vintage Teardrop Dimmable Filament LED - BC

The Vintage range of dimmable LED filament light bulbs from Bell is a great way to combine the design appeal of retro bulbs with the energy saving technology of LED. These bulbs are affordable and pretty. We have discounted the RRP by X.oo and offer a Price Match Promise to demonstrate that you can’t buy these bulbs  better than with Ryness.

This is a traditional teardrop (or squirrel cage) shape and is coated in amber to give a warm glowing light and is fully dimmable (we also offer a non-dimmable version). There are four straight filaments that look striking when lit. This version has a standard bayonet base and it will pop straight in to your existing bayonet fittings. You can use these teardrop-shaped bulbs either hung bare or in fittings where you’d normally use a traditional-shaped light bulb.


Traditional incandescent filament bulbs last for between one and three thousand hours. However, an LED version will last up to 15,000 hours (that’s equivalent to having you bulbs on for five hours every day for more than eight years). Rated at just four watts, these bulbs will also use one tenth of the energy of an incandescent bulb.

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