Bell Vintage Dimmable 4W LED Filament Large Globe - ES

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Bell Vintage Dimmable LED Filament Large Globe - ES

When you want an affordable, stunning design statement that combines an exposed filament with modern technology then look no further than this statement large globe LED bulb from Bell’s vintage range. Designed to be hung naked on golden, silver or coloured flex, these look amazing in cafes, bars, kitchens and restaurants where their amber-coating casts a warm glow.

This version is fully dimmable (we also sell a non-dimmable version) and has an Edison Screw (ES) . There are four long, straight filaments that look striking when lit. Traditional incandescent filament bulbs last for between one and three thousand hours. Bell have thoughtfully ensured that the entire cap area is gold coloured - so you won’t get that tell-tale black plastic ring when you hang these naked on flex in all their glory.

However, an LED version will last up to 15,000 hours (that’s equivalent to having you bulbs on for five hours every day for more than eight years). Rated at just four watts, these bulbs will also use one tenth of the energy of an incandescent bulb. To put that in perspective: five bulbs lit for five hours per day for a whole year will cost approximately £5.00 to run - whereas five incandescent filament bulbs would cost more than £50 to run!

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