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iCON 15 is ideal for toilets, en-suites, and small bathrooms. Recessed into the wall or ceiling, it is stylish, sleek and unobtrusive, even in the smallest of spaces. The circular design means no squaring up is required, adding to the already simple installation procedure.
iCON 15 is designed to provide ventilation levels that comply with the latest Building Regulations. The iCON fan is an efficient, stylish and unique ventilation solution for the modern home. The iris shutter design makes switching on and off almost silent and helps reduce external noise ingress.
The slim profile and iris shutter of the iCON make it a fan which will blend discreetly into any setting. The fan has cantilever fixing lugs which enable installation on uneven surfaces.
iCON 15 is 230-240volt 50hz, IPX4 and has a flow rate up to 68mhr and a 3year warranty.
The iCON 15 out of the box can be installed to work from a remote individual switch or a light switch. If you require more functionality from your iCON then you will need to purchase a plug in module. These plug in modules are inserted under the cover which twists off. The additional functionality available for this fan by way of a plug in module are: pull cord, run on timer, humidity with run on timer, motion sensor with run on timer, motion sensor with humidity and run on timer, continuous running, delay start and 2 speed with humidity and pull cord boost.
The white iCON 15 cover can also be changed so as to blend in better with the aesthetics of the room it is in. The choices are: Anthracite, Chrome, Sandstone and Silver.
An external 3A fuse is required for each fan unit. The product is fully compliant with the following safety standards: CE2004/105//EMC Directives and LVD 2006 195/EC. Switches for fans should be selected and sited in accordance with BS7161:2008.

Axial recessed fan meets current building regulations
100mm outlet, 9.2 watts, 68mhr/19 ls
This is a basic fan that operates from a remote switch, you need to choose a plug in module for additional functionality
This fan is idealy suited to a ensuite, cloakroom or small bathroom
Silent open and closing delayed iris shutter, you can purchase additional coloured covers to match your decor

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