Aico Heat Detector with Hush & Mounting Plate - Ei144RC



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The Aico Ei144 has been designed for applications where the budget is a key consideration and where maintenance is in the hands of the owner occupier or there is no requirement for lithium power cell back-up.
The Ei144 Heat Alarm is suitable for new build and owner occupied properties and is part of the Aico Ei 140 Professional range - the contractor's first choice.
The 140 Series provides an alkaline battery backup instead of rechargeable cells. Further cost savings are possible through the innovative and totally unique Easi-fit technology, as there is no need to purchase additional wiring enclosures, mounting kits, leads or connectors.
In a field where time is money, the fact that Easi-fit alarms are simpler and quicker to install ensures even greater savings. Now with Easi-fit fixing pack, suitable for use on plasterboard, concrete or wood surfaces.

Product Features:

  •  Fixed temperature fast response thermistor sensor, range 54 - 62C.
  •  Alkaline battery supplied already connected to reduce installation errors (does not draw power until alarm is fitted to the mounting plate).
  •  Hush button for false alarm control.
  •  Interconnects with other Ei mains powered smoke and heat alarms.
  •  Separate mains and warning LEDs.
  •  Time and money saving Easi-fit design.
  •  Protective dust cover supplied.
  •  5 year guarantee.
  •  BS 5446: Pt.2: 2003 Class A1.

Heat detectors are less likely to cause false alarm problems as they are not responsive to any type of smoke or fumes, only heat. They are ideal for protecting kitchens and garages and other areas subject to false alarms. However, because of the potential for a slower response than smoke alarms, they should only be used in a fire detection system that also includes smoke alarms, and all of the alarms must be interconnected.

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