3413E 1/2 inch Push Bar BC Brass Holder

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3413E 1/2 inch Push Bar BC Brass Holder

All brass lampholders are supplied with shade rings. They also feature a safety device that ensures they are switched off when no lamp is fitted. Switch versions only. Unique safety feature ensures that whenever the bulb is removed the exposed terminal brass plungers are cut off from the live supply. This means that you will be unable to operate the push bar switch when the Red safety Button is not depressed by a bulb. This lamp holder is a must in your house especially if children are around.

This BC (bayonet connector) safety lamp holder is intended primarily for attachment to a male 1/2 inch threaded connector.

Key Points:

  • Base; B22
  • Length: 61 mm
  • Material: Brass
  • Thread Size; 1/2 in. x 26TPI
  • Width: 32 mm


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