Integral Sunset Vintage Non Dimmable 2.5W E27 125m Globe LED Filament

Integral LED Lamps


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Integral Sunset Vintage Non Dimmable 2.5W E27 125m Globe LED Filament

This is a large globe statement bulb from from UK manufacturer, Integral LED. This will look stunning hung naked using the gold, silver and coloured flex we offer on our site.  We offer an exclusive three year guarantee on all Integral products (other retailers can only offer a two year guarantee) giving you extra peace of mind at no extra cost.

These warm, glowing bulbs have an exposed straight filament and look just like the old-fashioned versions. They will give off an ultra-warm glow due to the tinted amber glass. They also have a super-wide beam angle of 300 degrees - so will cast light evenly around the bulb.

Built using the latest LED filament technology to deliver an A+ energy rating and 85% energy savings compared to the incandescent lamp it replaces. Enjoy the classic aesthetic look but with an improved lifetime of 15,000 hours.

This version is non-dimmable and has an edison screw (ES) base, we also have this available with a bayonet base/cap (BC).

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