Brackenheath ispot Driverless LED Floodlight 30W - White

Color: warm-white
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The Brackenheath i-spot Driverless LED Floodlight 30W in White redefines exterior lighting for your home, office and commercial premises. This model - the 30W - provides a high-quality light for illuminating entrances, passages, car parks, thoroughfares and for uplighting and defining architectural features in homes.  It has a 110-degree beam angle and will cast a bright, wide light.

It will last for 36,000 hours: that means it will still be working in 20 years time if you leave it on for an average of four hours per day, every day of the year. The fact that it is LED will mean that you can use light to enhance the security of property - while minimising the effect on your energy bills.

The entire spot range is available from (and in Ryness stores) at the cheapest price online and for next day delivery to your home or workplace. We will also offer valuable discounts on multiple purchases.

The research team at Brackenheath (based in Luton in the UK) started from scratch when they designed the i-spot range. Unlike cheap, mass-produced LED floodlights, every i-spot is distinguished by:
High-Quality Components
The i-spot has a high-grade aluminium and steel construction. The front glass is toughened, has an attractive silver bezel, and is fitted with hex head bolts for added security.

Ultra-thin Design
An ultra-thin, tactile design that can be mounted on a ground spike (also available at Ryness) or using the mounting bracket provided. The mounting bracket can be rotated through 360 degrees for optimum light coverage.

Driverless LED
The Brackenheath i-spot LED Floodlight is driverless. This results in reduced levels of heat emission and so increased efficiency and reliability. The high voltage LED chip is super bright at 2000 lumens.

IP65 - Rated
The Brackenheath spot is IP65 rated so it will be protected from the elements and show no damage from rain or snow. The test for this included firing water at the spot enclosure for at least 15 minutes in all directions at a volume of 12.5 litres per minute.

The Brackenheath i-spot Driverless LED Floodlight 30W is available here in a white finish (Black also available). Please choose from either a cool white or warm white LED bulb.

The product contents include:

LED floodlight, mounting bracket and 900mm flex.

The product dimensions are:

W x D x H: 275 x 265 x 38mm.

(Note: the i-spot 30W and iSpot 50W have the same dimensions; they are distinguished by the wattage of the LED Bulb.)


Key points:

  • Innovative high voltage LED chips - no driver required
  • Energy efficient super bright LED
  • Daylight and Warm White options
  • 110 deg beam angle
  • High-grade aluminium body
  • Available in black and white finishes
  • Attractive silver bezel
  • Complete with mounting bracket and 900mm flex
  • Rate life of 36,000 hours
  • IP65
  • 230V

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