Brackenheath ispot R LED Floodlight 20W - Black

Color: daylight
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The Brackenheath ispot R range brings the same high-quality design and engineering to a round form factor. The R series is therefore ideal where a circular beam of light is required in a floodlight.


Valid until 3/12/2018

You will find the ispot R used to illuminate billboards, signage, stairwells (it can also be used inside) and to provide decorative and thoroughfare lighting.

This model - the ispot R 20W in Black - is the highest wattage product in the range. It provides a 120 degree beam angle and a 1500 lumen output in a daylight colour temperature. The product includes a unique mounting bracket that enables the floodlight to be orientated around 360 degrees - so you can get exactly the light direction you need. Once in place, the cable tucks neatly out of sight directly in to the rear of the product.

It has a rated life of 36,000 hours, possible due to the innovative high voltage driverless LED chips and heat sink for enhanced heat dissipation. LED floodlights are up to 90% more energy efficient that halogen versions - and so can reduce your electricity bills significantly.

The ispot R has a high grade aluminium body and attractive silver bezel. All parts are designed to be tough enough to withstand vandals and are rated to IP65.

If you would like to mount the ispot R on the ground then the Brackenheath ispot Universal Spike in Large is recommended. 

The product contents include:

Round LED floodlight, mounting bracket and 900mm flex.

The product dimensions are:

W x D x H: 159 x 212 x 125mm. 

Key points:

Innovative high voltage LED chips - no driver required
Energy efficient super bright LED
Daylight colour temperature - (5700K)
120° beam angle
High grade aluminium body
Available in black and white finishes 
Attractive silver bezel
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Complete with unique mounting bracket and 900mm flex
Rated life of 36,000 hours 

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